K13 model - Ancient K4 for Central/Eastern Europe and Balkans (Feiichy & Andre)

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Admixture JS
Function created by user "vbnetkhio"
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Open Source script used for calculators was downloaded from https://github.com/vahaduo/vahaduo

K13 Eurogenes calculator was created by David Wesolowski from Eurogenes blog.

Fst distances between components https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9o3EYTdM8lQV2RJS1RwOW9XLUE/edit

Description by David Wesolowski:

The old Eurogenes K13 model has been replaced by a new model with different, and hopefully more robust, ancestral clusters.
It's useful to keep in mind that these tests will differ in their interpretation of the data, and perhaps accuracy, depending on the ancestry of the user. For instance, the new K13 should be more useful for Central and South Asians than any of the others, because it features new reference samples from these regions.