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Admixture JS
Function created by user "vbnetkhio"
Could be slow with many references in SOURCE, if yes wait longer or try with those calculators which have smaller datasets.
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Open Source script used for calculators was downloaded from https://github.com/vahaduo/vahaduo

HarappaWorld calculator was created by Zack Ajmal

Fst distances for components https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l87nGSIYTP-h7m-VKjB-BZcuEoWdz765nU4f_krOdd4/edit#gid=2

Description by an author:

The population results have been calculated using weighted means.
Do note that the admixture components do not necessarily represent real ancestral populations. Also, the names I have chosen for the components should be thought of as mnemonics to ease discussion. I chose them based on which populations in my data these components peaked in. They do not tell anything directly about ancestral populations. The best way to look at these admixture results is by comparing individuals and populations.